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DaVinci Gourmet Real Fruit Smoothies,Jet Real Fruit Smoothies

DaVinci Gourmet Real Fruit Smoothies,Jet Real Fruit Smoothies

DaVinci Gourmet Real Fruit Smoothie Mixes (formerly known as Jet) bring you exciting, bold flavors that help you simply serve something cool every time. They are made from real fruit puree, natural flavors and real sugar, and they contain no artificial preservatives like potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate found in other smoothie brands. Our innovative aseptic packaging maintains fresh-picked fruit flavor your customers are looking for.

DaVinci Gourmet non-fat yogurt smoothie mixes combine the big bold all-natural flavor you’ve come to expect from DaVinci with all the smooth, creamy, wholesome goodness of yogurt with fewer calories!

Plus They have ….
· Only 100 calories per serving
· Made with 100% all-natural fruit puree
· Zero Fat
· Zero Cholesterol
· Zero Preservatives
· Lots of Vitamin C
· Immunity-Aiding Prebiotics

Mix and match, case of 6 / 64 oz cartons

APB is $1.25 more per carton [+1.25]
Non-fat yogurt smoothie mix is $0.65 more per carton [+0.65]

Buy five cases get one FREE!!!

** No other specials, discounts or promotions may be applied **

Select Your Options:

  • Antiox APB?
    Antiox APB - 64 ounce
  • Arctic Lemonade?
    Arctic Lemonade - 64 ounce
  • Caribbean Colada?
    Caribbean Colada - 64 ounce
  • Extreme Peach?
    Extreme Peach - 64 ounce
  • Intense Green Apple?
    Intense Green Apple - 64 ounce
  • Mandarin Orange Passion Fruit?
    Mandarin Orange Passion Fruit - 64 ounce
  • Mango Mania?
    Mango Mania - 64 ounce
  • Margarita?
    Margarita - 64 ounce
  • Strawberry Banana?
    Strawberry Banana - 64 ounce
  • Strawberry Bomb?
    Strawberry Bomb - 64 ounce
  • Very Cherry?
    Very Cherry - 64 ounce
  • Wildberry Blast?
    Wildberry Blast - 64 ounce
  • Peach Nonfat Yogurt?
    Peach Nonfat Yogurt - 64 ounce
  • Strawberry Banana Nonfat Yogurt?
    Strawberry Banana Nonfat Yogurt - 64 ounce