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Cappuccine Frappe

Cappuccine Frappe

The Original Cappuccine Frappe is the perfect solution for any busy specialty beverage environment. Extremely simple to make, our famous powdered frappe mix can be used to prepare frozen, over ice or hot beverages and is unmatched for flexibility, efficiency and taste.  Cappuccine - often copied, never matched. 

Mix and match, case of 5 / 3 lb bags

FREE Ground Shipping to commercial addresses in the continental US. 
($2.50 handling fee applies per package)

** No other specials, discounts or promotions may be applied **

Specialty flavors are $2.50 more per bag [+2.50]
Original flavors
are $3.00 more per bag [+3.00]

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Select Your Options:

  • Caramel Latte?
    Caramel Latte - 3lb cafe pak
  • Chocolate Decadence?
    Chocolate Decadence - 3lb cafe pak
  • Cinnamon Bun (+2.50)?
    Cinnamon Bun - 3lb bag
  • Coconut Cream?
    Coconut Cream - 3lb cafe pak
  • Cookies & Cream?
    Cookies and Cream - 3lb cafe pak
  • Double Fudge Mocha?
    Double Fudge Mocha - 3lb cafe pak
  • Extreme Coffee Toffee (+3.00)?
    Extreme Toffee Coffee - 3lb cafe pak
  • Frosted Latte (+2.50)?
    Frosted Latte - 3lb cafe pak
  • Latte Frappe?
    Latte Frappe - 3lb cafe pak
  • Matcha Green Tea Latte (+2.50)?
    Matcha Green Tea Latte - 3lb cafe pak
  • Mint Chip (+2.50)?
    Mint Chip - 3lb cafe pak
  • Mocha Frappe?
    Mocha Frappe - 3lb cafe pak
  • Pistachio?
    Pistachio - 3lb cafe pak
  • Red Velvet ®?
    Red Velvet - 3lb cafe pak
  • Salted Caramel?
    Salted Caramel - 3lb cafe pak
  • Spiced Chai Latte?
    Spiced Chai Latte - 3lb cafe pak
  • Vanilla Chai Latte?
    Vanilla Chai Latte - 3lb cafe pak
  • Vanilla Express?
    Vanilla Express - 3lb cafe pak
  • Vanilla Latte?
    Vanilla Latte - 3lb cafe pak
  • Vanilla No Sugar Added?
    No Sugar Added Vanilla - 3lb cafe pak
  • White Chocolate Symphony?
    White Chocolate Symphony - 3lb cafe pak