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Big Train Frappe

Big Train Frappe

Big Train products start with the finest ingredients. Deep, rich Colombian Arabica coffee, the finest cocoa beans and exotic spices. Big Train mixes make spectacular hot, frozen and over-ice drinks that are easy to make and consistent each and every time. Just add water, milk or a milk alternative and serve. Use them as a base to create your own specialty drinks.  

Mix and match, case of 5 / 3.5 lb bags

FREE Ground Shipping to commercial addresses in the continental US. 
($2.50 handling fee applies per package)

** No other specials, discounts or promotions may be applied **

Chai Teas are $0.20 more per bag [+0.20]

Select Your Options:

  • 20 Below Frozen Hot Chocolate?
    20 Below Frozen Hot Chocolate - 3.5lb bag
  • 20 Below Frozen White Hot Chocolate?
    20 Below Frozen White Chocolate - 3.5lb bag
  • Bubblegum Kidz Kreamz Frappe?
    Bubblegum - 3.5lb bag
  • Cake Batter Blended Creme Frappe?
    Cake Batter - 3.5lb bag
  • Caramel Latte Blended Ice Coffee?
    Caramel Latte - 3.5lb bag
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Blended Ice Coffee?
    Chocolate Peanut Butter - 3.5lb bag
  • Coffee Blended Ice Coffee?
    Coffee - 3.5lb bag
  • Cookes 'N Cream Blended Creme Frappe?
    Cookies 'N Cream - 3.5lb bag
  • Cotton Candy Kidz Kreamz Frappe?
    Cotton Candy - 3.5lb bag
  • Dairy Free Caramel Latte (+2.00)?
  • Dairy Free Latte (+2.00)?
  • Dairy Free Mocha (+2.00)?
  • Dragonfly Coconut Blended Creme Frappe?
    Dragonfly Coconut - 3.5lb bag
  • Dragonfly Mango Blended Creme Frappe?
    Dragonfly Mango - 3.5lb bag
  • Espresso Blended Ice Coffee?
    Espresso - 3.5lb bag
  • Horchata Blended Creme Frappe?
    Horchata Frappe - 3.5lb bag
  • Java Chip Blended Ice Coffee?
    Java Chip - 3.5lb bag
  • Mocha Blended Ice Coffee?
    Mocha - 3.5lb bag
  • No Sugar Added Mocha Blended Ice Coffee?
    No Sugar Added Mocha - 3.5lb bag
  • No Sugar Added Vanilla Latte Blended Ice Coffee?
    No Sugar Added Vanilla Latte - 3.5lb bag
  • Orange Cream Kidz Kreamz Frappe?
    Orange Cream - 3.5lb bag
  • Spiced Chai (+0.20)?
    Spiced Chai - 3.5lb bag
  • Toffee Mocha Blended Ice Coffee?
    Toffee Mocha - 3.5lb bag
  • Vanilla Bean Blended Creme Frappe?
    Vanilla Bean - 3.5lb bag
  • Vanilla Chai (+0.20)?
    Vanilla Chai - 3.5lb bag
  • Vanilla Latte Blended Ice Coffee?
    Vanilla Latte - 3.5lb bag
  • Vanilla Smoothie?
    Vanilla Smoothie - 3.5lb bag
  • White Chocolate Latte Blended Ice Coffee?
    White Chocolate Latte - 3.5lb bag