In the fall of 1991, Jay Sorensen invented the original Java Jacket. An insulating sleeve made from 100% recycled material, it solved a common problem—how to enjoy hot coffee without burning your hands.

Today, the family-run business has sold over four billion cup sleeves, with clients ranging from the neighborhood espresso stand to the most well-known coffee chains. Java Jackets are a simple, attractive, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to offer your customers comfort and service. Java Estate is happy to carry this essential accessory along with cups and lids to match. Java Jackets are also customizable with your logo.

Barista Box
Barista Box - 25 pack
Barista Box - 5 pack
Barista Box - 5 pack
Java Jacket - Eco II
Eco II Java Jacket - 12 to 20oz
JAVA JACKET  8 oz. 1300/case..Natural Kraft #1200SPN-S
Eco II Java Jacket - 8 oz
JAVA JACKET  12, 16, 20 oz. 1300/case..Natural Kraft- pre-assembled
Java Jacket - 12 to 20oz